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robot systems
in-mould labelling


Almation, as an expert in plastics technology, can advise you about a number of matters concerning plastics, moulds, injection moulding and robotics and can also bring you into contact with other parties who can offer you exactly what you are looking for.

Almation was responsible for letting the domino stones for Domino Day 2004 be produced (mould and injection moulding). Did you know that the stones for Domino Day must meet very high standards? For instance the right shine, speed when falling and the right sound when hitting the surface after falling.

Almation can also be of service to you while developing and designing a product. While designing a new product most effort goes into marketing and how the design can affect sales. Almation takes into account how your design affects cost like the consequences of your design for the mouldmaker, possible cycle time and how well the product can be handeled by an automation. Perhaps Almation can help you with your project, to learn more about the possibilities, please contact us.

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