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robot systems
in-mould labelling


Because most of our industrial automations are custom-made we can probably best show you what Almation can do by giving you some examples. To give you an idea of what Almation can do we have chosen some very different projects to show you here. This will demonstrate some of the possibilities but of course Almation can do a lot more. If you have questions about your project or simply are looking for some advice, don't hesitate to contact us.

Carspeaker assembly 1
For our customer in Belgium (for a Dutch manufacturer of car stereos for one of the largest German car manufacturers) we have been given the task to build an industrial automation to on-line bend 16 small electrical contacts (in groups of 4) and punch them loose (from a strip an a roll), pick the contacts up with a handling and put them in the for this purpose designed holes (in adjustable valves under an angle of 15 degrees). The contacts have a diameter of 2,8 x 0,8mm and the margin in the holes is 0,05 mm! If the four products are injection moulded the products are taken out of the mould and put in a transfer line where several quality checks are being executed (both mechanical and optical through video). Furthermore an electrical component is being fed from a roll, cut, bent and inserted. The two contacts of the component are soldered to the two previously inserted contacts of the product, the electrical component is secured with a drop of glue and the functioning of the component is checked. Finally a PU-kit seal is being added to each product and the whole is checked again. At the end of the transfer line only the approved products are stacked into pallet boxes which are automatically exchanged. This entire fully automatical automation is being developed, engineered, manufactered by Almation, including the operating software.

Carspeaker assembly 2
For our customer in Belgium (for a Dutch manufacturer of car stereos for an exclusive German car manufacturer) we have delivered an industrial automation to take the injection moulded speakersbodies out of the mould and check the plastic speakerbody for flaws and than add a foam rubber rim (from a roll, selflubricated) and place a rubber plug (separated and fed by a vibrating feeder).

Chip insert
For our customer in the Netherlands we have delivered a standard 3-axis servo robot and an automation to feed and position tracking chips into the mould and take out and stack the finished product (flowerpots for orchids).

CD/DVD destroyer
For our customer in the Netherlands we have delivered an automatic CD/DVD destroyer. The CD/DVD is fed to the destroying device by a specially for this purpose designed exchchangeable storage unit. The destroyer renders the CD/DVD unreadable.

Bearing press
For our customer in the Netherlands we have delivered a semi-automatic press to press bearings in a plastic cilinder.

For our customer in the Netherlands we have deliverd an elevator like device to lower pallets from a conveyor belt to the ground where the pallet can be moved by palletwagon.

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