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Jul '08 - move and name change
ID has moved to a new address to better fit our needs. Together with the move ID has been renamed into Almation.

Nov '07 - new website
Preceding the move half way 2008 our website has been changed. The new website is simpler, easier to navigate and does no longer use frames. When the move and change of name becomes reality, this website can easliy be adapted to our new style.

Okt '07 - move and change of name
In Januari 2006 ID moved to its current location but this locations is starting to feel a bit small for our current needs. Because of this ID will move to another location half way 2008. Together with the move ID will be renamed; our current name and .eu internetdomain does not fit the way we would like to present ourselves.

Jul '07 - representation Alfa robots
The standard 3-axis servo robots of Alfa Automation have been added to our programm. ID now represents Alfa in the Netherlands. ID's first Alfa robot sold is a traverse robot for a 125 ton injection moulding machine.

Jan '07 - addition to IML product line
In addition to our existing IML product line we now have a small IML robot to be attached to the holmes of an injection moulding machine. This robot is only suited for one and two cavity moulds. Advantage of this SIR-M is the lower investment needed for your project. Read more...>

Okt '06 - addition to IML product line
In addition to our existing IML product line (the LPS and high speed SIR), our SIR is also available with a telescopic take-out robot arm. The advantage of this is the even higher speeds it can reach.

Sep '06 - website
Our domainname is no longer in use, in stead we have bought where our new website has been launched.

Jul '06 - opening times
Because of the heat we have temporarily changed our opening times: not from 08:00 hours to 17:00 hours bot from 07:00 hours to 15:00 hours.

Feb '06 - corporate identity
ID now has a new corporate identity. The design uses a dark pink colour and the logo consist of our name, ID, and a sort of wheel to express continuing motion and innovation.

Jan '06 - move
Because of lack of space ID has moved to a larger building at the Hamerstraat 24, in Hengelo.

Jan '05 - Start development
Peter Alberts starts developing the new generation of IML automations with ID.